Where To Drive RC Cars? [Fun & Adventurous Places Covered]

To have the utmost joy and adventure journey with your RC cars collection, then there is always a need for a proper place to make this amazing setup.

In today’s post, I’m gonna cover the exact locations where to drive RC cars, which will lead to your best fun and excitement overall.

Remember, all these places are unique and it is not just limited to Racing tracks. But having an RC car, you need a bold area where the extreme condition can give the best reality check on how your RC car will gonna survive!

Before, we deep dive into this topic, let’s quickly cover a question that answers all lists of possible places where you can make this happen.


Where to drive RC cars?

There are many places where you can drive your RC cars depending upon reachability, convenience, and the amount of fun you want overall:

  • Ÿ Parking lot
  • Ÿ Floor corridors
  • Ÿ Mountains
  • Ÿ Backyard
  • Ÿ Beaches
  • Ÿ Empty roads
  • Ÿ Desert

These are the best and most good available locations that you can probably think of straightway to have that amazing fun experience along with your RC cars.

But you need to be careful, as different countries or states might impose laws and regulations for this purpose.

RC cars are not just any small kids’ toys where you don’t have to worry about anything.

Normally, RC cars can take up a speed of up to 70 miles per hour and therefore needs to be driven with utmost care.

You can surely check this information online or can directly contact your local authorities to be sure that you are doing it within the permissible mode of action.

Now let us check out in deep the amazing and actual fun places where you can get the best experience and full powered joy to

go with this.

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11 Places & Clarity On Where To Drive RC Cars?

Parking Lot

parking lot

The very first place, I can suggest you set up your crazy models and get those RC cars behind the line and get into racing mode is the Parking lot.

The reason to go with a parking lot is simply that it has wider space and area where you can drive freely and with no such obstacles (except for cars).

Now, in the parking lot you need to be extra careful that you don’t come in between any actual big vehicles (cars, bikes, etc.,) but rather choose some open space within the parking lot, where only your RC collections

can be looked after.

Too many pillars and open spaces to drive the RC to the best potential speed can lead to the best joy from it.


backyard area

If you are a beginner or have a new RC car then probably testing and getting used to it in your space would sound much more comfortable.

Your backyard can be a good place for it, every corner and turns around of your place is very well known in advance.

It is your area and you know which area is easy and which spot the car will be riding smoothly without damaging anything I’m the yard or to itself majorly.

The fun part always lies within your own space and enjoying the noisy sound which can create an immense interest among others to watch by and also play around with you.

If you have those green fields in your backyard and you are not worried about making it up a little messy, then RC cars can give you true excitement upfront.

By drifting and trying out different modes of stunts or moves, you can create some worthy enough patches of tires on those green fields and can get an idea of powerful your car is.

Wooden Planks

where to drive RC cars: Wooden plank idea

Now this is not specifically a particular location where you can consider

to drive your car but you can surely get a different experience on how to drive and become a better player in controlling your RC.

The reason to drive over a wooden plank is that the surface area of the wooden plan would be a limited region to go with and for a fun experience the uneven distribution of the surface resulted in crumbled area,

And with the best power of your car running over it can give you a realistic and solid wooden heading sound.

Also, the idea here is to get as many different places or varieties where you can actually drive your RC car and thus hang a wooden plank over anything that would create height above the ground, and running the car over it can make you a little better player and improve your controls on a car from a certain height and within a limited region.

Now, in the image above you can see small sticks but you can indeed replace them with bigger planks. (Image is just for explanatory stuff).

RC Bashing Clubs

Where to drive RC cars : RC racing tracks

One of the best places where you probably consider taking your branded RC and making the real drive or racing with it.

Now, depending upon your location there might be different local clubs that organize these kinds of events and competitions, where you can prove your real skills and addiction in it.

The best part of the Dashing clubs of such is that almost everything is set up in the proper way, tracks, fencing, etc., All these things give you the best and real experience.

And also to witness such events there are large crowds and with the best terms the more the audience the more fun and excitement it creates.


RC car racing in sand

If you are lucky enough to find out some muddy or sandy area near then jumping over that area with your best collection can create a good amount of time and memories as you play along with your RC cars.

The heavy texture and ups and downs of the dunes can make the best experience.

Usually, this place can be good to consider in the list because of the shots (for images) that it can create while drifting.

Skateboard Tracks

skateboard tracks

This is a very unusual place you can probably hop around and enjoy the driving time.

Be mindful of your setup and try to visit such places where there are no skaters.

At last, you don’t want to disturb anyone’s peace and activity time on daily norms.

But skating tracks can also give you amazing memories and can arouse a

different sort of excitement due to the different curves and jump loads that it has.

Watching your favorite RC at the best speed and witnessing the best action and stunt mode will be a worth-it moment for you in person.

Good Places To Drive Your RC Cars

These places include the best possible places which have a plane and good surface area where the riding becomes smooth.

And on other hand, some places are included to keep extreme conditions and tough areas to ride and become the expert player in it.

So, without any further ado let’s dive into the places


RC Car driving in a snow

If you are a person who doesn’t like to go with a simple and have that comfort zone all the time, then trying out different and tough conditions such as snow areas can be a very competitive place to drive your RC.

Although the speed of RC can go up to 70 miles per hour on average depending upon the rigidity and tough texture of the snow area around your place determines the running of the car.

The more struggle and the more brain you use in this condition to have that amazing riding experience the more you gonna enjoy it on a personal level.

The drifting and the extreme moves can give very real and aesthetic vibes to witness in practical time.

For such a place, it depends upon your RC car on how to surpass such a case and what additional things you need to carry to make the best out of it. (For example, a tire sheet can be another used case to consider).

Rock Climbs

The most amount of time and very public place where the majority of the RC enthusiast do consider riding their cars is over the rock climbs.

The uneven distribution and larger curvature area to cover add a unique thing to try.

As the rock climbs can create the best elevation steps to ride over, the more difficult it becomes, and as a rider, your hands-on experience will become much better.

The chances of falls and downs over this place become real and all in total it can look very cinematic when played in a real sense.


Now don’t get me wrong and I know very well, what’s the purpose of an Amphitheater but having an empty and zero-crowd amphitheater location available can be the best place to ride your best collections.

Whether you are an expert or even a beginner especially can match up the realistic racing track experience with it.

Although there are no original tracks set up at Amphitheatre the long curved surface (can refer to image) will surely add up to an adventurous driving episode for you.

Imagine, setting up a small racing competition along with your friends on the same path and the different curve modes can become a threat to your competitor’s car at every single moment.

All such things can bring up the best dashing & racing encounters.

Floor Corridors

If you are least interested in going out and find out a suitable area for your RC car to

have the best time being but still interested in playing along with your toys then floor corridors are the best option to go with.

Especially if you live in a building or apartment then the floor corridors which have the largest area to cover on any floor could be a perfect track setup for this case.

And also the L- shape constructed design floors of the building can be a good mode for drifting purposes.

Forest Area

Looking to experience extreme and wild conditions and at the same time test out the overall capacity of your RC collection, then the Forest area can be very good.

Having nature, tall trees, small to big sized stones and rocks and rough muddy areas purposely can cater to intense moods for driving and the likeliness for playing with RC becomes more addictive over minds.

Important Items To Carry Along

Although the overall experience of driving an RC car can be worth witnessing and trying out as a hobby in your list to get something different from your age group and the outside world.

But there are a few things that you need to take care of while taking your RC car collection to a particular place and setting up those Furious action modes to go with.

Car Lanyard

Very useful throughout the playing journey and yet an essential item to carry along and keep an extra piece by your side.

It is a long attachment that goes around the neck or shoulder and gets attached to the steering handles which makes it super easy to carry and hold around comfortably.


At last, you don’t want to miss out and get upset just by any failure of the car’s component or another part. Thus, having a decent checklist is necessary and motors should be on top prior.

Especially if you are a beginner and don’t know how your RC car gonna perform in

different conditions and how much load it gonna take on the alone motor part. It is advisable in this case to take spare parts.


RC car driving experience can be so addictive and if you turn up into a real passionate driver then you can’t manage your time easily.

And you want to get tired and stop that easily.

But indeed, every machine comes with certain limitations and therefore the batteries might be drained and you don’t want to mess up the ongoing joy. Therefore, carrying a bunch of batteries along with you will always be a sensible decision.

Final Words

There are many and a variety of places where you can go around and play with. But you always need to take consideration into the legal and permission aspects. On the other hand, need to be very well aware of your car and its holding
& adaptive features irrespective of the different and tough conditions.

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