How To Store RC Cars The Right Way? [6 Ideas For Long Term]

It is very important to take care of your essential and valuable stuff and that you passionately bought and has some connection with it.

Same goes with the condition of your favorite toys and in this particular article I will cover on the exact technique on how to store RC cars conveniently without any hassle.

RC cars are expensive and it is better for you to take care of it with utmost consideration it to a perfectly dry place and under room temperature.

When we talk about RC car then every component and part of it has to be given equal importance, so that the next time the performance of the car won’t get affected by any reason.

And thus, RC car batteries, fuel and tires should be stored separately with proper facility.

By going through this piece of info, all your storage problems will be solved and you will be exploring some of the cool ideas to go with.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in,


How To Store RC Cars?

Akro Mills 24 Drawer Craft Cabinet –

Now, if you own an of the RC car and have some good bunch of collection, then going after normal places to store won’t add much exciting part.

Thus, going beyond and having a solid transparent plastic craft cabinet by Akro Mills can slightly create much more interest.

And for the decor perspective it perfectly looks superb.

This is particular seen to have a nice look.


  • It has 24 Drawers.
  • Made of quality & polystyrene frame.
  • Has two features : Can be stacked or wall mount


  • Only in 2 colors

DSLEAF RC Storage Bag –

If you are a person that doesn’t like to have separate things and want something all at one place but still at very organizable terms,

Then this RC storage bags by DSLEAF can be very convenient mode for you.

It can easily fit any RC car of 1/8 & 1/10 size.

The best part of this storage bag is that is very bulky and has got different compartments to store different items like tools, car kit and other accessories.


  • Can easily store car, truck or even hauler.
  • Has safety material at bottom that ensure the car is secure all the time.
  • Very easy to carry by having shoulder traps.


  • It might appear a little bulky

LAFEINA Mini Storage Box

This particular suggestion for the RC car can be good for consideration when it comes to have a nice arrangements at home.

You can separately make a cool looking setup with this small storage box.

With this box, it can easily fit a 1/10 RC rock crawler.

The design and appearance of the box might look very simple but it can surely connect with the real garage and traditional storage thoughts.


  • Quality plastic material
  • Available in 4 different colors


  • Size for other RC car type can be a limitation

How To Store RC Cars Batteries?

It is very important for every RC car owner to understand that the Lipo Batteries is a very temperamental power kind source that needs to have a special attention and storage place so that it does not loses it potential even if it is not under use for a longer day.

It is also requirement for you to understand that Lipo battery needs to be taken care under specific voltage and that is the resting charge for it relies under 3.8 volts per cell.

You can definitely check out an in-detail article on Lipo Batteries storing information

How to store lipo batteries

But having said that, I’m gonna quickly cover a useful storage item for the lip batteries that you can consider and it is completely safe

Zeee Lipo Safe Bag Battery –

It is a complete one stop solution, in order to safely and without any any worries you can easily fit in your RC car lipped batteries.

The material used in this bag has to many features which goes like 100% fireproof fabric and also coming up with super

strong position with waterproof interlayer.

All such added features make very convincing for RC cars owners to consider this bag and make a potential purchase.

With alone this bag, you don’t have to sit and take care of the battery with constant attention to it,

As Zeee bag makes it very affordable for you to carry along, move away and close the bag and still the lipo batteries can charge to very good potential without getting any overheat issues or anything.

How To Store RC Cars Tires?

Now, due to the high speed and track that is been used the life period the tire can differ accordingly.

You just can’t alone prioritize the car itself but for the RC car to actually look and have that amazing extraordinary stunts, move or drifts more specifically then the Tire matters the most.

But to have that perfect safety concern and maintain it’s ability to run good for long period, you should definitely need to have proper storage arrangements.

What you need:

1. Plastic Bag Sealed – ┬áThis can easily ensure that your car tire are protected from the external environment or weather, which keeps your tire 100% dry every time.

2. Zip Stix – Now the variation can be different depending upon the tire holding

count or upon the size of tire. But having a singular strand like structure can be convenient for you to have your RC cars tire stored intact properly.

Let’s check one more cool storage idea for the tire alone:

RC Car Alloy Tire Rack –

To have that beautiful garage feeling and to have arose the interest of any RC enthusiast, having a separate place or arrangement (Rack like) can be very cool idea.

This rack has double storage unit upside down, which easily fit and place 1.9″ – 2.2″ tire.

The concept in the development of this

Rack was made by realistic views and a strong solid metals are bend used for the process.

RC Car Storage Ideas For Lazy People

RC Car Work Stand (Workstation)

Now don’t get me wrong, I know this is not the ideal place that you want to go with.

But if you can’t really think of on where to store RC cars, then your garage set or workstation can be good enough to consider at least.

This particular set is solely made for the purpose to have some repair work done.

But by just the whole set to the good height, at the top of something – that it

won’t reaches any kids hand,

Then placing your RC car above it and have that real look can be very appealing.

RC Cars Storage Important Tips

Before getting into actual storage and putting back your car into a fit sized container it is necessary to keep a check on certain things.

This can certainly from the body component, fuel, batteries, tire and etc.,

You don’t want to be lazy at these moment, as to ensure that next time you take out your beast RC car, it works to perfectly well condition.

1. Disconnect the batteries –

After the ride, make sure the first thing you do, is to disconnect the batteries. You don’t want to waste the charging unnecessarily and have that adverse effect on the batteries life time.

Try to utilize such bags that offers charging features, just like I mentioned one product above for the same purpose.

2. Cleaning –

Make sure that every part of the car is been fairly cleaned and dry and then you should consider it for the storing.

Depending upon the tracking track – muddy, plain, rocks and etc., the conditions of the car in and out can change differently.

And thus, with the help of brush you can clean up every part and from every angle.

3. Know the RC car size –

The least consideration and by accident you can’t afford to have such confusion on the size of the RC car.

The more accurately, you know about the car, the more better you can choose to get one particular size of container.

It is important to know the correct size, as you don’t want to store RC car forcefully and damaging any of it’s side part.


That’s it from the different ideas on how to store RC cars properly and some important checks that you should be abiding by, inorder to take care and have that proper maintenance of the RC cars every time, which will ensure in longer performance and standby with the same optimal power when ready to race for the next time.

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