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Welcome to SpeedsterRally.com!


We are a team of remote control enthusiasts who are passionate about all things RC.

Speedster Rally is here to help you find what you need for your next RC adventure.

We’ve got everything you need from the most popular brands to the hard-to-find stuff that you won’t see anywhere else.

Find out where the best deals are on your favorite brands. We’ll help you get the most for your money.

Whether it’s a new motor or a new tank, a set of servos, or a charger, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve got a large variety of hobby stores in stock to help you out in any situation.

Our mission is simple, we want to help build an RC community that everyone can be proud of. If you’re an RC enthusiast who loves to share your passion then come join us!



We started Speedster Rally in 2016 when we decided to make racing RC as fun and enjoyable as possible.

We built a custom track in the backyard and invited other people to come and build their own tracks.

The response was amazing, so we decided to start a full-time business out of it.

Speedster Rally now provides the opportunity to learn most about RC vehicles with the help of articles, buying guides, and reviews.


The goal of our company is to provide all RC enthusiasts with a place to gather, learn and share information.

Our goal is to provide our community with opportunities to learn from one another, exchange ideas, and discuss ways to improve our hobbies.

With our excellent team of RC experts, we provide helpful guides and resources to help you make informed purchasing decisions, so you can find the perfect RC toy to fit your needs.

Overall we are an open website, so please come join us!

We hope that you enjoy using our site and look forward to seeing you soon!



Kailash Kumar is the driving force behind Speedster Rally.

He is an avid RC enthusiast with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field.

Kailash is also skilled in troubleshooting and fixing any issues that may arise with RC gadgets.

As an administrator of Speedster Rally, he works hard to provide the best shopping experience for RC enthusiasts and is always available to answer questions or concerns.

Kailash’s experience and dedication make him a trustworthy and reliable source of information for the RC community.

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Multazim Shaikh is a quick learner but a deep RC toy freak who just loves to go outdoors and set up the muddy track for an intense RC car competition.

I’m usually more involved in researching every new and detailed part that is required in RC cars, bikes, or trucks (more than that), and centralizing the best information backed by customer reviews and my own experience.

For fun, I hang out with my friends over the weekend to put on a good racing show and encourages young kid in our family and friend circle to learn and explore a new world of toys worthy enough to include in a hobby list.


Abhijit Pawar is a big fan of RC toys because for him it started as a hobby and then later became more than that as he became engrossed in the world of Rc toys.

He is our researcher here who tries his best to provide information that is backed by facts and thorough research.

He joined the gang of Rc toy lovers because he wanted to share what he loved about RC toys, deals, and the best knowledge about Rc toys with the fans out there in the world.

He joined SpeedsterRally.com to help the Rc toy community and meet people who are as passionate as him.